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COVID 19 Cannot Kill Anymore; It’s a Banished Shadow –Richarmond O. Natha-Alade

The hovering darkness is the shadow in glory;

There are times when great luck lies in ill-luck

There are times being the greatest among all lies in servitude

There are times great measure of grace lies in some measure of disgrace

There are times boldness and courage lies in ridicule

There are times being greatly strong lies in great weaknesses

There are times great and everlasting peace lies in endless wars

In life, we fight and fight and fight in hope for some days of peace

Our souls can only be unbreakable when we are broken

Some measure of storm, some measure of merry keeps the world at its best

A times we must listen to the fools and the wise to have the Wisdom of Solomon

What cannot kill us would only make us stronger

After great darkness of the night, the sunlight is certain in the morning

COVID-19 is the hovering darkness over the world right now

It may ground and halts all our busy lives, but certainly not not our lives

It is a shadow in our glory

This doomed and hell-bound shadow shall pass away in sorrow

We would live tough, rumble and tumble, yet, stand to live forever

At SNATHAP our spirits are with you this time and season

This time shall pass away

Someday, we would live to tell the tales of the woes that befell this great shadow

It’s the new month of April; the month of the strongest among the gods and archangels in charge of all lands

Its celestial month of worship; where all ever created shall bow to most Supreme Being of the Universe; the only one God of all

By the Divine’s will, we all shall laugh last and best.

Let’s obey our leaders and take all safety precautions till this temporary scourge is gone forever.

We wish all our Esteemed Clients, fans, friends and lovers a victorious, gracious and glorious new months of April, 2020 end ever moreRICHARMOND O. NATHA-ALADEExecutive Partner: SUN NATHA-ALADE & PARTNERS (SNATHAP)
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Richarmond O. Natha-Alade

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