Let’s Kill all the Goods for Evil; We Reset the World at its Best – SNATHAP 2020

We are in the unknown world; The World, rough but smooth, Constant but Changing Vengeful but forgiving, Dreadful but pleasant, Wide but narrow, Awful but terrific Spiritual but ordinary Imprisoning but free
Wicked but good, boring but funky death but life…
In life, we have it all good and bad, all bad and good, OfΒ  all, nature has given you; All the freedom, the choice, the second chance, the grace and dispositions to wish, dream and take; what life offers, you can reject, what life refuses to give, you can take; Yet, you are not ordinary; your spirit and soul is linked to the source; the giver and taker of all you downplay your source if you ever believed you cannot; then you cannot If you think you can, You can.
At SNATHAP, we do not tell it, that life gives all you want,Β  But you can have as many as you want, even far better than all you’ve always wanted, Courage keeps you going, even when your body and soul is wary to fight on, We believe in you, we trust in your abilities, we trust in your grace and life, Be you in sense and majesty.
Fate is a master key you own; you can write and unwrite facing the right door, Merry while it lasts, smile while it lasts, grieve while it lasts, face them all while it lasts, in all of this, be strong and be happy with all, even in broken-heartedness. Afterall, you are human with some blend of spirit. Do not forget to do as you wish; you have them all under your feet,
Simply chose in pleasure and pursuit In happiness lies life of purpose, achievement and fulfillment. Be happy with all you do, with all that befalls you and with all that falls on you. Enjoy everything.Β  Enjoy every pains, every joy, every good, every bad, every gains.Β  In one word; in all of this, do not forget to change what you do not like.

At SNATHAP, we love and cherish you,Β  we believe you are harder, more valuable and unbeatable than diamond, stay motivated in the year, 2020 We wish you all our fans, friends and clients a prosperous, favourable, graceful, fun-filled and fufilling new year 2020.

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