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OSUA/ UNAD/EKSU Alumni Chairmanship Position & the Taste of Opium – by Richarmond O. Natha-Alade

Today, we got hold of the petition / write up sponsored against the man of will and honour, who is in the best and vantage position for the position of the Alumni Chairman of OSUA/ UNAD now Ekiti State University (EKSU), Ekiti State Chapter; Yomi Oso popularly called vanguard.

The faceless, chicken hearted, incongruous, malicious, petrified and highly mischievous group who contextually claimed to be working for Deji Oso, A.K.A Dejavu tried high heaven on earth and in the most ridiculous manner, attempted to rob on the only man seen and felt by all for the position, their eternal ointment of Satan without inscribing their name or names of the sponsors on the face of the petition.
We hereby and categorical dispel all the misleading falsehood and talismanic intervention been sought by the said Adedeji Oso group in an attempt to whittle down the fame and positive gentility of our very own Vanguard.
By the said petition which is now everywhere on air, the highly petrified faceless group alleged that Yomi Oso is not competent or qualified to contest for the State Branch of the Alumni Chairmanship position bringing forth some cooked up, non-existent facts and allegations to drive home their points in the most illusion belief of having a contest-free election to bring them in via the backdoor. Let it be told; they have failed.
Why we would not take out our precious time to dignify the libelous culprits with direct responses to each of the allegations made in the write up, we hereby and categorically state that a chameleon once born can never ever change its skin. The handwriting of the callous and faint-hearted writer is known to us.
We make bold to state that one of the contestants for the position in view had been running from pillars to posts since the declaration of Yomi Oso (Vanguard) to contest for same position; hence, the need for all manners of gimmicks and misrepresentation from same to the teaming member of the public.
At this juncture, we take refuge in the Yoruba proverbial aphorism that says โ€˜whatsoever you sow, you shall reapโ€™; the analogy in the above ancient syllogism is firmly rooted by reference to the records left behind by the duo since their days in the University; when they had a chance to serve the students as presidents at their various cadres. In all honesty, one wobbled, fumbled and somersaulted in all spheres. I need not go into details, but we all knew who sold out the union and same is yet to recover till date.
While I would not attempt to rob the ointment of holiness on Vanguard, I make bold to state that of the duo, Vanguards talons grips farther, His sight is clearer as the eagles, he is clear-headed, a team player, not pretentious, not betraying, Not greedy, democratic and a person of the positive side of the laws of power.
Emphatically, we hereby state that Yomi Oso (Vanguard) is not only qualified, but exceptional by his track records of his giving to excellence. He is not just contesting but has all the requisite moral, intellectual, documentary and exemplifying qualifications to contest.
While I salute all contending with Vanguard, let them know that cheap blackmail and fictitious petitions by them against his person is anathema to their very own interest. Tell them all their grandstanding is inchoate with their moves and totally dead on arrival. Let them know that it is apposite that they take pills of patience and survival by taking another turn.
If the tyrant soldier ants cannot be appeased and/or appealed to that they stop in earnest their aggravated nuisance and delusion, let them know they would have their day to proof all their allegations or sink forever.
I hope soon, their faces would be shown.
Amangla Awetu!
Sun Richarmond O. Natha-Alade A.K.A Lekinzino
For team Yomi Oso (Vanguard) ย โ€” withย Oso Oluwayomi.

We give all for Benefits…

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