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OSUA/UNAD/EKSU ALUMNI: The beautiful Heart, Mind and Soul… : Richarmond O. Natha-Alade

The beautiful heart, mind and soul…

Why we are #teamvanguard

His name is Oso Oluwayomi He hails from Ado – Ekiti, Ekiti State capital. He finished his secondary education at the famous Christ School, Ado-Ekiti.  He is one of the great alumni of the University of Ado-Ekiti now Ekiti State University.

While in the University at his undergraduate days, he served the students in several capacities including been the PTSA president. As the PTSA president between 07/ 08 session, he initiated and  facilitated a lot of educational and developmental projects for the benefit of well over 35,000 students he led.

Yomi Oso administrative prowess, managerial skills and general coordination dexterity was second to null.

During his days as president of PTSA, he facilitated a lot of projects and executed novel initiatives.  Yomi Oso was the first to buy Association bus for his students by simply thinking out of the box and seamlessly executing same without soliciting for Money or any form donation from state government; financial servitude which was always the order of the day for many Association of students.   Yomi was the first to facilitate a massive 4 (four)-in-one lecture theater with several administrative offices for the student of PTSA. He was the first put a stop to oppression of PTSA by fighting to standstill the decimation and discrimination popularly made against PTSA. He was the first to stop no school fees no exam in the history of the association. Yomi Oso made frantic moves and efforts to make sure all part-time students started to go to NYSC; to mention a few.

Yomi Oso’s (Vanguard) influence among the student grew so loud that no member of administrative body, lecturer or students could take any important decision affecting the entire students populace in the entire university without first seeking his input and/or know. 

Yomi Oso is bold, knowledgeable,  courageous, generous, big hearted, a team player and a wonderful leader not given to thuggery, lousiness, or vain-glory; the virtues which towers him above that of his majour opponent.

In exploration of his person as all time leader,  Yomi Oso had in recent time served in different  leadership capacity at both the state and local government level. He was the Executive Secretary to Ado- Ekiti Local Government Council, He was the interim Chairman, Ado-Ekiti Local Government Council; He was the State Youth leader in the Dr. John Kayode  Fayemi first administration in Ekiti till the trying time of Mr Ayodele Fayose. He was the Director of Youths Affairs; Dr. John Kayode Fayemi Re-election Campaign (2018). He is a businessman per excellence and a great fisher of men. He easily identifies talents and develop same without minding the cost on his person or by facilitation.

Yomi Oso is given to democracy and fair play on life issues and would never impose his views on anyone. Yomi Oso is a social crusader and the ideal leader for the position Alumni chairman. He is happily married and responsible father of 3 children.

Yomi Oso is willing to serve our alumni as chairman with all within him. He is the best of all the persons contending for the position. He is generous and cheerly. Yomi Oso would use his influence and good rapport with all alumni worldwide to facilitate and bring about great things for all the alumni of OSUA/UNAD/EKSU.

We crave your support for nobility, peace, greatness, unity, love, generosity, selflessness, achievement and grace among brethren.

Let’s support Yomi Oso (Vanguard) to do it again!  We appeal that his unmatched antecedent be the guide.

We need more than a chairman rabble-rouser, thuggery-inclined dictator. we need a person who can rapport with stakeholders and necessary government establishment to facilitate projects and development for our great alumni. We need an influencer of policies, programmes and decisions. On these, Yomi towers above all his contenders…

Yomi seeks to be chairman of our citadel Alumni. He has the requisite experience to make  things happen as a leader.

None of Yomi Oso contenders has a bit of his credentials; His main contender last time in leadership position was been SUG president well over a decade ago and nothing more.

Please ignore all distractions and support our very own who is so beautiful in heart, mind and soul.

Its God agenda.

In Yomi Oso we trust….

Compiled by: Sun Richarmond  O. Natha-Alade (Lekinzino)
Attorney General SUG 08/ 09
Barrister at Laws
Spoke Person: #teamyomioso #teamvanguard

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 We give all for Benefits…

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